Environmental Policy

At AH Computer Services we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

All packaging from components used in system assembly are re-used where possible as packaging material for customer orders that have to be shipped on.

Where reuse is not possible or practical these items are recycled.

We have a comprehensive recycling program; we recycle paper, cardboard, soft plastics, hard plastics, metal and batteries. We also have a laser toner, battery program where our customers can return all empty toner cartridges, UPS batteries and car batteies to us for industry recycling.

Our environmental credentials do not stop here it expands to our low power computer systems we build
Power consumption of a typical system powered by Intel 15 – 2500 processor, Intel DHG67DG,
4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory, ATIHD6570 1GB, 500GB Hard drive, DVD-RW drive, Windows 7 Pro

System turned OFF1.26 Watts
Sleep Mode2.10 Watts
Hibernate1.34 Watts
Idle State39.03 Watts
Full Throttle*128.04 Watts
Max power during bootup103.00 Watts

*Prime95 CPU Test with 100% CPU usage and hard drive being defragged at the same time.